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  • So Merch more. Tips for selling Merch.
  • Tabi Brunner

So Merch more. Tips for selling Merch.

So Merch more. Tips for selling Merch.

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Think merch is just a good way to make a few bucks? Think again! Not only does Merch draw in profit, increase fan to artist conversation and let fans easily identify each other, it promotes you/ your band!


Here one moment. Gone the next?

Don’t leave your merch table unattended. This is a recipe for disaster in more than one way. Not only do your fans have to sit around and wonder when you might be coming back, it’s also tempting for sneaky paws! Of course you want to socialize, and if you’re playing you can’t bring your booth on stage, but make sure you leave a trusted friend at the table. Extra points if your friend has experience selling.

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Great stuff. How much?

-so tempted to write how merch? =P

Take the guesswork out of pricing for your fans. Unmarked product can be intimidating. Usually this means that the price is really high, or the vendor charges different prices for different people, which makes people try to barter

Clearly label your product prices. If you offer discounts for purchasing more than one piece at a time advertise that too! Just make sure if its per person not per order that you indicate that beforehand.

 Intimidating if no price

Keep in contact. Make it easy.

If you send out newsletters via email this is a great opportunity to collect subscribers. Keep a few signup sheets and pens handy on the booth. Go the extra mile and have a sign up form open on your tablet so fans can just punch in their info. This is also a great way to avoid sloppy drunken chicken scratch.

If you are having trouble getting subscribers, offer an incentive. A sign that reads “Subscribe to our mailing list and receive 10% off your order (or next web-order) should do the trick.

Not selling online? email andrew.tancowny@createwearapparel.com to inquire about selling on createwearapparel.com


 Don’t arrive unprepared. Change is necessary.

Make sure you arrive with ample change. A change drawer is an awesome way to keep all your money separate for fast transactions. If you are worried about theft get one that locks. Keep it simple by rounding prices. No 12.99 here please.


  • Tabi Brunner

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