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  • Reach new fans by mixing up your venues
  • Tabi Brunner

Reach new fans by mixing up your venues

Reach new fans by mixing up your venues

Clubs are glamorous. They are loud, crowded, often flashy. Everyone is dressed up and often sipping drinks. The atmosphere is great for meeting people in the industry and making conversation with fans. If you’re lucky someone might buy you some drinks after your set too! Playing in clubs can be great. It’s wise, however, to keep your fans in mind when booking shows. Perhaps not all your fans like to go to clubs?

Clubs and Pubs. What’s the difference?

Clubs are great for the younger crowd and dancing and people who don’t have to get up early to work the next day. To be inclusive of all your fans consider playing at pubs as well which serve food and don’t typically run until as late at night. This may work a lot better for your more laid back fans, fans who work on the weekend, people with children as well as people who transit. If a show ends at a club after transit stops running- sadly early in greater Vancouver and the lower mainland, fans may not be able to make it to the show if they don’t live a reasonable cab ride from the venue. By playing an earlier show you are making it easier for fans to come see you.

Parks and Outdoor venues. Summer time fun.

Beyond the indoor shows, playing shows outdoors should be considered as well. Your underage fans will appreciate being able to come see you play, and fans with children can bring the whole family for a day of fun. There are tons of benefits to outdoor shows – weather permitting. The scenery, the music, the smells, barbecues, sitting in the grass. It’s a show for all the senses. Not to mention the happiness inducing sunshine. You will also get some really great pictures uploaded from fans onto social media. Typically, in dark venues taking pictures is virtually pointless. Instead of just a handful of promoter pictures you may end up with hundreds of pictures of your beautiful mugs on social media! Bonus: If it’s hot bring your tank tops with you to sell for people who may have overdressed. If it’s cold bring your hoodies! – I once had to pay $60 for the ugliest angry birds hoodie at the PNE because it went from blistering hot to cold at night.

High schools. Boom goes the social media.

Stick with me for a moment. This may be difficult depending on your genre and the appropriateness of your lyrics but consider this for a moment: Teens are in school all day. They’ve been doing it for years. They’re expecting a lame assembly- when all of the sudden there is actually a sick band or artist coming to play. The teeny boppers go wild. I’ve seen it with my own eyes when I was in high school. The band was swarmed with swooning teenagers requesting autographs and wanting to buy CD’s. Show up ready with free stickers that link to your social media and request them to like your Facebook or follow your twitter. Have CD’s on hand for sale (think cheap, they’re in high school and most people don’t carry a lot of cash). All of a sudden boom- your social media explodes. Wanna increase your exposure even more? Throw out some free shirts to the crowd.

Always check in with the head of the school to make sure selling CD’s is okay!



  • Tabi Brunner

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