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  • Get your songs used by YouTubers in their videos by getting a creative commons licence.
  • Tabi Brunner

Get your songs used by YouTubers in their videos by getting a creative commons licence.

Get your songs used by YouTubers in their videos by getting a creative commons licence.

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Creating content on YouTube is hot right now. While Justin Bieber with his 100’s of millions of views per month will likely not be playing your music on his channel, there are a ton of avenues to pursue.

If you think your fans are likely also gamers you can go onto YouTube, search gaming, switch the filter to channels and find a ton of different channels and YouTubers with thousands to millions of subscribers.

By holding a creative commons license (there are different ones to choose from) you can now choose to allow others to use your music (or art etc.) on their sites- in some cases they are able to make money off of your music; however, they have to give you credit. That gives you the potential to expose your music and name to potentially hundreds or even hundreds of thousands of people per video uploaded with your music featured.

Local? Just starting up? Wanna have your a track or video featured on our website or "New Talent" blog - coming soon.

Email your submissions with a quick bio to tabitha.brunner@createwearapparel.com

 Make it free


Make it shine. Save time. Do it for free.

Creative commons isn’t just for music. Many Flickr users are using creative commons licenses to share their artwork with others. For those who can’t afford Adobe stock or other stock image sites, nor do they feel comfortable taking all of their own pictures, royalty free images can be a godsend. They can be used for creating album cover, adding content to websites, blogs and the works.

Of course it is important to make sure you are browsing under the correct licenses. There are 6 different licenses, but creative commons has descriptions of each license and has categorized the images accordingly for easy browsing. The only downfall with Flickr is they have recently decided to only allow users to sign in using a yahoo account which is totally lame. Still if you don’t mind creating a yahoo account (and then just ignoring it) you can log in to Flickr and get free images.

Or you can check out this 32 second video by LionsMedia on YouTube “How to bypass needing a Yahoo account to download photos from Flickr” and learn how to download the images without creating an account at all!

Think your art is dope? Send us some of your work and we may use it on an upcoming product!

email designs to tabitha.brunner@createwearapparel.com - Images will only be used with your consent and will not be published anywhere without the artists permission.

Google royalty free

Good ole Google.

Sometimes it can be really tempting to just pull images off Google for use. What many people don’t know is that by going to the advanced search settings you can scroll to the last drop down menu labeled "usage rights:" and pick from a variety of different usage licenses! The most generous license allows you to share, use, and modify- even for commercial purposes! Pick whichever license you want and Google away.

Note of Caution: Google acknowledges that some images may have been added without the rights to do so and that it is always a good idea to confirm the license before using the picture. This is especially important if you intend to edit the picture or use it for commercial purposes.

  • Tabi Brunner

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  • Jun 17, 2016

    Nice tips for any musician trying to get their music heard. xx

    — Anna Nuttall

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